Date a Girl who Reads

Reading is so powerful that it matures a person’s thought process beyond the restricting walls of age or phenotype.

Girls who read may have exceptionally beautiful and full of expectations romance fantasies. But that’s not all what it is about. To soothe you, she will always be a book worm but will know exactly how you need to be handled.

The maturity that books provide to a girl’s mind is breathtaking. She is faced with numerous characters which are birthed in her mind and she feels present in all situations happening with characters. This allows her to have experience, respect and above all understanding for all circumstances. She knows how to handle people with different natures cause she’s felt like so many of them in books and read about them.

Books empower souls. The greater the reader, the deeper the soul. Dating and making a move for relationship should always be with a person who understands, respects and knows how to grow. This mindset which is in contrast to what the norms teach us is totally worth the try.

Please share your opinions which are warmly welcomed. PS what do you think about a long term relationship over internet, would it work out with a book worm romance guru?



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13 thoughts on “Date a Girl who Reads”

  1. Long term *romantic* relationship over the internet? That’s gonna be hard. I use to chat with a lot of internet friends but even the ones that I was friends with the longest (5 years) eventually disappeared. 😦


  2. I agree with this. Girls who read learn more about people and they can even feel compassion toward people they don’t know in person (cough, fictional characters).
    I just hope that someday I can find a man whom I can snuggle with while reading together.


      1. πŸ˜‰ – Always a mom. I don’t turn the switch off. Nice blog. You should add to your about me. Enjoy your day (night?).

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