The Landry News

When I first found the “the Landry news” at a small cabin where an old man sold imported-used-worn-ace books, I knew it was some great piece. Even though I was quite old for the considered piece of literature, I dug into it. It immediately made me fall in love with it.

It was the first book which stirred me so much as to actually make a bold step. I decided there and then, like the main character of book I will also write a newspaper in our school. Considering the fact that a school newspaper is not even a thinkable approach for a small third-world-country school, I toiled to make my dream come true. As interested as I was in sharing my ideas through writings – this was a total A-1 time of my life.

I edited my first draft of newspaper which consisted of all the articles written by our school’s seniors in order to inspire young ones. The first edition was free for the students in order to gain popularity. The next editions started selling out in a forte week’s time. Soon in a couple of weeks, the orders for newspaper prints increased from few 10s to several 100s. I met students who showed enthusiasm from other schools who wanted to read and write for the paper. How incredible the feel was is beyond the explanation.

The point is, never underestimate any book. The power of words is like that of a sword. A small children’s book inspired me so much to start up a revolutionary moment in couple of high schools in our city. The literature has wealth which expands by sharing.

P.S. thanks to all those first-world-countries who donate books because their actions are making life changing wonders in people’s respective lives here. Thumbs up!



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An ambitious little bee from a third world country trying to strive for spreading my 'word'. Writing my heart out is the passion.

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