My Boyfriend’s Dying

When I opened my eyes as the sun rays and his skin made contact with mine. It was happiness, electricity which sparked for every morning since last 2 years and it was my life. That morning his eyes were so shiny that if love were water, it would ooze out of his eyes. He kissed me under the back of my ear, taking me into an embrace.I laughed, frivolously. He knew it always made me feel this way. Then he gazed into my eyes, deep as if looking into my soul. Unlike the technical reality, it was the first time I felt so naked before him. The shine of his eyes turned into a mist, blurring my way from seeing what I wanted to. He then caressed my lips gently with the tip of thumb, cupping my face in his hands. Came closer to me and thrust his lips into mine. The kiss was hard, emotional and raw. Which softened as he went on to explore me further. It was genuine love in that kiss. We then moved away for some air.

He said, “baby….I’m dying.”

I Giggled.

I replied, “I’m dying as well, love, for you.”

He shook his head and sat up. His body was so rigid and tensed. It pained me. Worried and concerned as I was, I sat with him and tugged his arm for answers.

Warm, thick tears came out of his eyes. He said, “I have been diagnosed with cancer. I do not have much time, baby. I know we’ve spent a lot of time together which was the best thing that could ever happen to me. But… our journey comes to an end here.”

“Oh honey! How could you even think of ending this journey which just started. I love you. Its not bound of anything. Let us stay the way we are, please.”

“But babe, I’ll be no more in few months’ time and I love you more …. but still?”

“Forever. Trust me?” It was more than a question. It was an assertion to how I felt for him.

“Marry me?”  I knew, it was more than a question. It was an assertion to how he felt for me.

I Giggled.




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An ambitious little bee from a third world country trying to strive for spreading my 'word'. Writing my heart out is the passion.

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