Why I have a Hard Time making Friends?

Hello Peeps!

Friends in this world of hopes
should be tied with ropes,
cause ain’t nobody real enough
so do that or expect sluff.

1) Because rarely people do expose their original self.
The bond of friendship shouldn’t be restrict to only “no sorry’s” or “no thank you’s”, its more than just what you think looks good in movies.


2) They Gossip!
Oh how many people raise their hands that they hear what a ‘new’ friend said about them to others? It breaks my heart.


3) Actually, No! I do care and that is why limited but quality friends is the drill. 
I have hundreds and hundreds of acquaintances but very few friends because ain’t nobody got time for Fake people.


Hope you find friends who are honest and loyal, they’re rare.
This blog was an exaggeratedly composed one, no touchy-feely-stuff.
Thanks for reading.


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An ambitious little bee from a third world country trying to strive for spreading my 'word'. Writing my heart out is the passion.

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