When He Kissed My Hand

“I grew up in this Asian world learning to “protect”myself. From evils as naive as having a boyfriend, being attracted to someone physically or even thinking of pleasuring myself. True, they say that what you’re not supposed to do is what you’re compelled to do. Thence I began my journey with this amazing guy I met four years before my 17th. Both childhood favorites of each other and later as teens. They always shouted “love doves” whenever we were noticed together…” said Jannet as her blue eyes got covered with her wrinkly soft eye-lids. In a room dimly lit she sat back in a rocking chair, reminiscing the stories of her teenage years. That night Jannet had her grand-daughter over for dinner with her boyfriend.

“We were madly in love, kids, as you seem to be. Passionate with so many promises in eyes and a zest to conquer whole world for love. But as cool as it was back then to break the rules, I was a very timid one as well among us. I made sure we didn’t “cross limits”.” She laughs and continues, “we were together for two years and he had only managed to grab my hand occasionally. That night, when there were only few hours left in my birthday he did something special. He kissed my hand like a gentleman. It was a lot for a girl like me! Then he looked into my eyes, holding my hands, with so much promise and love. That was the moment I knew we were meant for each other.” Jannet takes glasses off of her thin nose and looks into the eyes of this young couple.

“Kids, to know your soulmate, it doesn’t have to be that perfect kiss or a huge amount of time. But just a moment of honesty which is so visible in the eyes. We’ve been together for more than 55 years. & when I look back and think of all the rules I violated? I don’t feel bad. In fact, I am very proud so I won’t count it as a mistake. That gave me a chance to be as content as I am today with the love of my life. More than anything to have a precious granddaughter as yourself.” She ends her story hugging the young couple.




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An ambitious little bee from a third world country trying to strive for spreading my 'word'. Writing my heart out is the passion.

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